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Development News

A new retirement community at our former bowls club site has been approved by the Queensland Planning and Environment Court. This follows earlier approval by the Brsbane City Council.

This will see the return of the Tarragindi Bowls Club to the site. The new bowls club will be open to the public and feature a new, 10 rink champioship quality,synthetic bowling green, along with a clubhouse and cafe. Additional off-street car parking places will be provided for bowls club visitors.

The site will also feature a large, landscaped, recreational parkland for Tarragindi residents, including a children's playground, common lawn and productive garden. This will also be available to the local community.

In response to stakeholder input, the design of the new retirement community has been adjusted and scaled back from earlier concepts. The approved design has lower elevation, wider buffers from adjoining neighbours, with acoustic fencing and extensive landscaping.

 The retirement community design integrates with the sloping topography and mature vegetation whereby buildings will be barely visible from surrounding streets and will not impact on local character.

A construction timeline has not yet been set, and residents will be directly informed about future project milestones, including commencement of construction. ReireAustralia will closely manage the future construction program to ensure our neighbouring community is considered, with impacts minimised.

RetireAustralia will provde information on their website: www.retireaustralia.com.au and remain in touch. In the meantime, if you want further information, please contact RetireAustralia at: tarragindicommunity@retireaustralia.com.au We will also provide updates to our members on this website.




The recent announcement to shut down all clubs effective from midday Monday 23/03/2020. The Government had to make this decision, in an effort to prevent what is occurring in most other countries!  

Unfortunately this will affect the industry, the bowls community. Clubs, staff and players are all going to be sadly affected in a very bad way, many clubs won’t be able to fully recover from this.

Luckily our Club is in the position that we will survive, we do not have the costs associated with a lock down, we do not have staff, premises, perishable stock lines, and the various overheads associated with Club Premises etc.

My heart goes out to you all. It’s going to take time, but if we all stay home and take on all the measures that have been directed, together we will get through it.

You will be helping yourself, your family and the entire community

If anyone needs to chat please reach out. Speak up if you feed like you need to. Don’t fight the struggle on your own. 

And we shall emerge on the other side of this terrible situation together, stronger and more united.

Please take care, stay in touch, I will be placing updates on this site when the need to do so arises.

Look after yourself and your loved ones

Andrew Doggett 


Tarragindi Bowls Club Inc.


  Roll Ups Allowed under Strict Conditions

We are pleased to announce that the Salisbury Bowls Club greens will shortly be opening for roll ups ONLY, pending approval and assistance from the Ladies and Men's committees.

As stipulated by the QLD Government, only 10 persons in total can be bowling or dining on the club premises at any one time.

We will not be charging green fees.

The guidelines and rules are fairly detailed and stringent as stipulated by the QLD Government and Bowls QLD. We are abiding by all the regulations.....hopefully they will be relaxed in the near future, and as soon as they are we will implement them because they are quite restrictive.

The greens have been maintained at a greatly reduced number of hours per week due to uncertainty of the COVID-19 restrictions but that will now increase and further cutting, rolling and line marking will commence.

The proposed 3 days where roll ups can be pre-booked starting from next Tuesday 26/5/20 are.

Tuesday and Friday

9.30am to 11.30am

12pm to 2pm

2.30pm to 4.30pm


9am to 11am

The Ladies and Men’s Committee are responsible for the control of the roll up days. (Appointing Duty Officers and set-up material equipment for each session, register names and enforce regulations).

• Up to four people can roll up together on a rink with a maximum of two people at each end using alternate sides of the rink while changing ends, the 1.5m social distancing rule is to be observed at all times. There is a maximum of 10 persons TOTAL for the entire club premises.

• At this stage only members can roll up. No barefoot bowlers or non-members until further advised.

• A booking system will be in place to facilitate rink bookings, to conform with guidelines. A register of attendees will be kept. A booking system will shortly be implemented, but initially bookings can be made by emailing


• Bowls equipment cannot be shared between players (e.g. bowls, cloths etc), players should not touch other people’s bowls.

• Hand sanitiser is available for use.

• Disinfectant spray is available, all mats and jacks must be placed in disinfectant tubs by players between each session. Disinfected mats and jacks are available each day.

• Players should practice safe hygiene at all times, including washing hands for at least 20 seconds before and after bowls.

• Individuals must not congregate on the premises, they must arrive within 5 minutes of roll up starting time and leave the premises immediately after the conclusion of roll up and cleaning of equipment.

• Toilets and washing facilities are open and accessible from the beer garden. The club house is NOT open.

No alcohol is to be brought onto the premises. The greens are part of the licensed area and BYO breaches the regulations of the club license.                                                                    (Breaches by Tarragindi Members will by treated severely)

• Bowlers should bring their own water.

Obviously the whole concept is reliant on the rostering of volunteers to oversee each session.

If there are any issues please let us know


Salisbury Bowls Club phone: 32772274

They are open from 10.30am

Tuesday - Open Pairs 9am Start

Thursdays - Open Pairs 1pm start

Saturday - Social from 1pm 

Brekky Pairs 2nd Sunday of Each month

Roll ups welcome